Peoplegogo Meet like-minded people to use their skills and funding for projects and activities that matter to them.
1-10 employees


The cooperation between people is a very hot topic nowadays and it will grow even more. The crowdfunding platforms, Blockchain technologies, ICO's and others show us that people want their opinion to be heard and also they want to have the control in their hands. They want to be part of something, to contribute and to take the rudder in their hands.

The cooperation will grow as a tendency but we think that there are three main issues each cooperation faces. To find the right people, to check if your idea will be supported by the society, and of course to find the right resources for its development.


The short Pitch of Peoplegogo is: “Meet like-minded people to use their skills and funding for projects and activities that matter to them.”

The purpose of the platform is to be a hub where you can meet like-minded people with similar interests and vision like yours. It is a place where you can find people with skills and interests that match your vision for the things you want to do, and you can form a team and start common projects and campaigns.

Also, the foundation of Peoplegogo is the crowd-funding approach but there is an additional value. It will be a place where you can start your own campaign but you can ask not only for funding but also to attract people with particular skills who believe in what you do and they would like to participate.

The platform provides the option to make proof of concept of your campaign before you start it. In that way you can test its validity. If the people like it, share it and comment it, this means that your idea is validated and you can start a real campaign.

In summary, the platform is a social hub for like-minded people who have the right tools to test their ideas and to start real campaigns and to attract the resources they need - funding and skills.

We believe that the cooperative platforms have great future and we want to be part of it.

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