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Technical Lead

Our purpose and vision

Our purpose is simple - create mobile experiences that make the world work better for billions of people. It’s a lofty one, but when we inject our mobile specialism into some of the biggest companies in the world, we ship game changing products.

Whether its rebuilding essential weather services with the Met Office, Transforming journey planning with Go-Ahead Group or evolving how TfL test brakes on their tube trains, our team of cross-functional engineers, designers, strategists, product owners and Agile specialists are ready to take on the challenge.

We believe our ways of working make us 10x better than our competitors. We're obsessive about working closely with our clients to remove the waste and barriers to delivering awesome products.

As the biggest team of mobile specialists in the UK, we are always ready for what’s coming next. We believe that the app is dead, as we see user experiences unbundle into a multitude of emerging platforms and touchpoints all with their own take on technology and development approach. Everything from a speaker in your car, to a watch on your wrist and intelligent microservices in the cloud.

Your purpose

Your purpose is also simple - lead a development team to deliver innovative, world class software that pushes the boundaries of what we can achieve using mobile technology.

With a focus on delivering awesome products, you will research and advise on the latest software that helps The App Business and our clients maintain a competitive advantage. Whether it's new tooling, new languages, voice, AI or IOT, you will have an opportunity to stay on the cutting edge: for example, using AWS lambdas running Node or scaling using Kubernetes.

You will care just as much about giving our customers and your team a great experience as you do delivering the end solution. You will be a competent coach and technical leader, able to design solutions that can be communicated as easily with our clients as they are our internal team. A passionate engineer with a polyglot mindset and a strong commitment to quality, you will have the ability to tackle complex architectural and design challenges across backend and frontend applications. You will also have the enthusiasm to learn other technologies and languages. You should be a software craftsman, not just a coder.

Key areas of responsibility

Technical leadership
• Lead the overall design and development of the technical solution on your project
• Consult the team and client on the technical strategy for the project, owning how it evolves
• Help our clients evolve their development practices and support the growth of their team. For example, applying practices like BDD, DevOps and Continuous Delivery
• Help TAB evolve our own development and delivery practices across all of our products, working closely with others in the engineering community of practice.
• You will work closely with our senior engineering team and delivery director to continuously assess the status of our projects, and plan the support required across the team

Software craftsmanship
• Solve complex programming problems in a clean and testable way
• Contribute to continuous improvement of development practices and standards
• Evaluate how different technologies, frameworks and languages can be used in order to deliver the best possible solution for both TAB and our clients

Cross-functional, co-sourced development
• Learn and collaborate in cross-functional, co-sourced teams with developers, testers, product owners, agile delivery leads and industry specialists.
• Promote collective code ownership across the stack, contributing to infrastructure, application and database development.
• Work closely with client team members at TAB and on client site, where required

Design expertise
• Demonstrate expertise in designing and developing high-quality, scalable services using a range of architectural styles
• Understand approaches to security, caching, versioning and interoperability, ensuring all aspects of design have been considered

Pitching and new business
• Work closely with our demand team to advise on technical design and approach for new business opportunities
• Adapt to new business domains and technical environments quickly that can solve challenges at the core of our customer’s business

TAB Strategy & Innovation
• Advise and support our strategy team on how the application of technology can enable new customer experiences and product concepts that we take to our clients and the wider industry
• Work with our engineering leaders to help integrate new technologies and approaches into the work that we deliver on projects
• Lead by example in driving continuous improvement at The App Business, contributing to key strategic initiatives
• Apply your skills and experience to identify new trends in the industry, and guide TAB’s point of view and approach

Growing and leading the team
• Contribute to growing TAB’s profile in technical and non-technical communities • Continually refine our engineering hiring strategy, to ensure we get the very best talent through the door
• Become a trusted mentor for more junior members of the company, and someone they look to for leadership and craft expertise
• Contribute to how we continuously assess the performance of TABbers, with a focus on growing people towards senior faster than they thought was possible

• Zoom out for your team & provide client & customer context for decisions
• Show a bias for action and ability to work in fast-paced, dynamic environments
• Be brave enough to take on tough conversations, approaching them in a composed and professional manner


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