Infinite Codeworks Dedicated technology experts and integration specialists.
11-50 employees
Infinite Codeworks was started by Ben Burch in 2010, the aim was simple: to bridge the void between technology and business. After working in a variety of industries it was apparent that so often IT suppliers failed to deliver what the business was looking for, all to often the focus was on the technology and not the business.

Ben started his career after Oxford University as an International Rower, following on from his success in the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race he challenged the status quo, always pushing for more from himself and those around him. The determination and questioning approach learnt from competitive sport comes through in the way the business is managed.

We deliver a fresh approach to software development – working with us is different – we are totally business focused.

Over the years we have developed an enviable reputation for system integrations and custom software development. By being relentlessly focused on the business we delivery solutions that really solve problems. An important part of this approach is the language we use, plain English, not technical jargon.

We really would like to talk to you about your requirements – whether its a system integration, a development project or you are interested in taking advantage of our managed team and resourcing solutions.
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