DigitalMR Artificial Intelligence for Insights
11-50 employees

DigitalMR is a high tech company in the space of market research and marketing. The team uniquely combines the skill-sets of software engineers, data scientists, and market researchers.

Following 4 years of focused R&D in A.I. - financed by multiple government grants and self generated cash - we have developed a lot of unique I.P. some of which is patent pending.

The main areas of our research are: text analytics - NLP, sentiment & semantic analysis, emotion detection and scoring, automated image theme and sentiment analysis.

We work with blue-chip multinationals such as P&G, SABMiller, DIAGEO, Vodafone, Saxo Bank, YPO, Nielsen, TNS, and many more. We are already disrupting a 60 Billion US$ industry.

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