Cambridge Intelligence Understand your connected data.
11-50 employees
At Cambridge Intelligence we help customers to understand their complex connected data.

We do this by providing everything they need to build and deploy customized network visualization (also known as graph visualization, or link analysis) applications that are powerful, simple to use and expertly designed. These applications allow users to join the dots in their data, finding hidden patterns and anomalies.

Our award-winning data visualization toolkit, KeyLines, provides the ability to fully customize an application and saves time, money and resources by cutting down in-house development time.

Our team has a long and proven track record of delivering effective visualization solutions for customers all over the world. Hundreds of organizations have deployed KeyLines technology around the world, including the UK Government, Microsoft, the US Army, Visa, Symantec and Intel.

Today, KeyLines is used by thousands of analysts, helping to uncover insight across domain including cyber security, law enforcement, defense and fraud detection.
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