Bumble Changing the rules of dating by putting women in charge
201-500 employees


You can find Bumble in the Android or Apple store, but we’re so much more than an app. Bumble believes that relationships make us human. Our core values are kindness, integrity, positivity, equality, confidence, and authenticity. We have set out to become the destination where you meet your next significant other, best friend, and most valuable business connection. We’re there for women at every phase of life. We’re about creating an empowering, safe place for modern society to meet the important people in their lives. We’re making digital relationships personal again.

We expect our team and our partners to epitomize our core values, and we’re dedicated to building a worldwide community on this foundation. We’re the place that people meet.

It Started with an Idea

Bumble, born and raised in Austin, Texas, is the brain-child of Whitney Wolfe. Whitney’s business concept is “look at what is broken in society, figure out how to make it better, and build a business around that.”

Whitney noticed a pattern that people were treating each other with a lack of respect. In heteronormative relationships, women are told to sit on their hands and wait for men to make the first move, which encourages submissive behavior. Online, bullying is rampant in social networking. She wanted to change the way people communicate, with kindness at the helm. By forcing women to make the first move, and giving men permission to be less aggressive, first connections are beginning with mutual respect that remains constant through out the entire relationship. With BumbleBFF, people are treat each other with positivity and encouragement. Friendships begin with the desire to empower one another.

Bumble’s Vision

We started as an app to connect people with future significant others but Bumble is no longer only a dating app. We believe that life is about relationships, and our mission is to provide people with a better way to meet. In March 2016, we launched BumbleBFF to connect people with friends. We’re launching BumbleBizz, where we will be facilitating connections for business networking.

Facebook is where you connect with the people you know, Bumble will be the place where you connect with people that you don’t know.

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