The 10 highest paying companies in the UK in 2016

Glassdoor has released a list of the UK's highest paying companies, using reports posted on its website by employees of these companies. .

The report reveals that the top 10 represented just three industries – tech, banking and consulting, out of which only one is based in London. The average UK salary is £27,600, but the average earned by those working at the highest-paying companies ranges from £73,000 to £90,000 per annum

The report ranks SAP, German software business applications provider, with almost 80 thousand employees around the world, as the company where you can earn the most with average salaries of £75,000, rising to £90,000 if bonuses are included.

10 highest paying companies in the UK

Following in the second place is tech company EMC Corporation. The median top salary here is 86,500 and the median base salary is £70,000. The first non-tech firm comes in third, and is consulting firm McKinsey & Company, which pays its employees a total median salary of £85,500 and a median base salary of £78,000.Familiar tech names make the top 10, with Facebook, Cisco Systems and Google putting in an appearance, although SAP leaves its competition far behind in the race to be the highest paid employer in the United Kingdom. BCG, Deutsche Bank, Nomura and BNP Paribas complete the list.

Glassdoor's chief economist Dr Andrew Chamberlain said that in the tech industry, salaries are high largely because of deficit of the highest skilled employees needed to advance business into new realms. Occupations such as JavaScript developers, data scientists and database administrators are in high demand nowadays and because of that companies are willing to pay large salaries to those who have these IT skills.

UK's 10 highest paying companies by media

1.SAP - £90,000

2.EMC - £86,500

3.McKinsey & Company - £85,500

4.Boston Consulting Group - £83,311

5.Facebook - £79,500

6.Deutsche Bank - £75,000

7.Nomura International - £74,990

8.Cisco Systems - £74,000

9.Google - £73,300

10.BNP Paribas - £73,000

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